What to do with "old" business?

Hi coach,
I’ve been running an online business for about 4 years – I have offered several products in the past, but currently my only source of income is ad revenue from blog posts. I have long felt that my current business is too broad (it’s “simplifying healthy eating” related) and have been craving a more specific niche. I recently have decided to offer a new product that could totally fit in my current business, but I want to basically start fresh. New website, new product, new focus – much more niche, though still in the healthy eating space.

My “problem” is that I don’t know what to do with my current business. A portion of my audience will likely be interested in my new business / product offer once I launch it, but many of them won’t. I hate the idea of a website / Instagram account just sitting out there, not being updated. But I currently still make money from advertising and might attract customers to my NEW website through the systems I already have set up on my current one: traffic, getting them on my email list via freebies, etc.

Part of me wants to go extreme – just get rid of everything and move forward with my new idea. But I can potentially still generate a lot of traffic and leads to my new business if I keep it up. I just don’t know how much energy to spend on keeping the website and Instagram content updated since I want my whole focus to be on my new business. Any guidance appreciated!