What to offer free clients next

Hi Brooke!
As I’ve mentioned, I am following your certification process after returning from a break. I am going to start coaching six clients as part of trying out my six week program next week. Already some are asking if they will be working/talking with other teachers as part of the program. I want to be able to offer another package or paid product at the end of our time, and anticipate that they will want to begin applying this work, or continue working through the concepts. My question is what you think the best offering might be for my business at this point? I do want to offer a membership site at some point. I have plans to offer an “advanced concepts” program and even a “masterclass” group coaching program. Do you think it’s too soon for me to do some version of that? I have read that you don’t recommend group coaching for new coaches. I do have experience running groups and workshops for adults, along with my teaching experience and feel like that works in my favor. I guess I just don’t know what I don’t know and wanted to ask your opinion. Bottom line, how can I keep offering value to my clients at the end of my program, and help them make the leap to “paid client”? Thank you!!