Whats my problem?

Every day I journal, every day I reflect, and every day I’m still stumped with this feeling of lacking… Its like I’m either so invested in my belief that I dont see it, or I cant quite figure out what my problem (thought) is, but I ultimately am in a constant state of inadequacy and I know its just my thinking, which is driving me nuts that I cant shift this, but it feels so true.

My business HAS regressed. Revenue is down. I’m pushing through though and am staying committed to my impossible goal BUT Im questioning a lot lately; why do I struggle… Why dont I want to coach some days? Why dont I know how to fix my clients problems by now? Why do I have to be on live video via social media to market my brand when I strongly dislike it? Why do I feel like I dont want to spend my time coaching? As if im territorial of my time and energy and me just not “wanting to”. Thought: “you should go LIVE on facebook and share a tip today – we need clients”. Follow up thought: “ugh, I dont want to spend my time doing that at all!” Its bazaar. I teeter on being a GREAT coach who gives tremendous value to not wanting to coach because I need to give even more value and am doing it wrong because my clients arent coming…

When you say “give value” I dont know if that means to my non-clients (to gain their business) or to give even more then to my existing clients, and this thought makes me feel stretched thin and not wanting to do any of it. I can see how I do a lot, but I can see how I don’t. Because my business isnt where it could be (based on what I’ve created and seeing its potential), the questioning and conversations around “what I should be doing” are so frustrating. I feel like im not a great coach because I should be giving value (tips on my clients painpoint more frequently), and not a great business owner slash marketer for my business…I dont want to be on live video every day. Why? Because I dont know what to say. Analysis paralysis (having too many answers) forces me to shut down and not want to plan a lesson/course/teachable moment, and im stuck and dont know what to do. Id love your help! Thanks, B!