I’ve been a certified Coach for 15 years and a singer / performer for 20+ years. I’ve created an incredible program called “Rockstar Camp”. It’s Coaching and Leadership Development for Women Entrepreneurs, and culminates with them singing on stage for the first time ever with a live band and audience – even if they can’t really sing!

It’s so powerful.

It’s so transformational.

Everyone who does it says it’s the deepest most profound personal growth work they’ve ever done.

I’ve been selling it for a year – making some profit in the first year (yay!) and experimenting with the marketing / messaging around my solution and would love some feedback.

Of course the experience helps unravel self-doubt which helps everything, but that’s not marketable so I’m focusing on WEALTH creation.

I wrote a book about the process I use. In the book I narrowed the niche to Newly Trained Women Coaches.

The problem I’ve been experimenting with is (in her words): “I’m terrified to go public and to be seen and heard.” The solution is: “I help you get over your fear of being visible so you can share your message / marketing with confidence, enroll clients, and fund your mission.”

How does this sound?

Notable is that:
Many of the women who come are coming because they feel called to the stage.
They are not entrepreneurs. They are typically in their 50s and 60s.
They want to have fun again and feel sexy and alive again.
They are sick of taking care of everyone but themselves. It feels urgent for them to fill their own cup.
This could also be a problem but I think harder to market.

This is my life’s work. I’m fully committed. All in.

What is the solution my ideal client is willing to pay for?

Thank you for your feedback and for this amazing program! So grateful for it…