What’s the step before making offers?

Okay, I watched the double your business workshop today with Brooke and I’ve now realized that an official offer is someone saying “yes” or “no”. Which in my case I think means my consultations, because those were direct offers to someone where I offered to help and gave them a price. So now that I am clear on that, I have made about 12 offers in the last year. I’ve had 7 “yes’s”. I post occasionally on my coaching social media pages, send newsletters about 1-2x a month and produce a weekly podcast. I have CTA’s at the end of everything I share, but don’t get the amount of people reaching out to make enough offers to have the conversion rate I need to make my money goals. So my question is, how do I increase the amount of people reaching out to set up consults? I am very specific about who I help and what I help them with and create all content based on that.