When a potential client is only interested in the cost…

I have an amazingly valuable 6-week intensive program to help runners become fat-adapted and lose weight. They can’t just buy the program, they have to get on a call with me to see if they’re a good fit. That’s when I sell them on the value, and that’s when I tell them the cost of the program.

However, there are some who just message me asking “how much is it?” I’m torn between just telling them straight up how much it is vs. telling them we’ll discuss it on our call.

If I tell them the cost, I may avoid wasting time with someone who just doesn’t want to pay that much, so this can potentially be a good thing.

If I tell them we’ll talk about it, I’ll be able to show them the value, hear about their goals, and the cost will feel more justified. This can potentially be a good thing too.

How do you recommend handling this sort of thing?