When do you decide something has to change?

I was originally certified as a Life Coach 3 years ago. I tried to start a coaching business when I found Brooke’s incredible podcast where she walks through each step to starting a business. I worked with two clients for about a month. I continued marketing and making offers with no success. I joined scholars a year later. Invested $2000 to attend Brooke’s Business Workshop in Dallas in 2018. It was incredible. I learned so much. She also made me believe that becoming certified through the Life Coach School was totally worth the investment because I would make it back and so much more if I did the work. So here I am, just finishing up my AC track after graduating in September of 2019. I’ve invested in business coaching for myself, invested in all the webtools/trainings I needed, and invested in FB Ads. I’ve spent over $30K between the school and my marketing and business tools. I have over 3,000 followers on my FB page. I have an email list of over 800 that gets about a 13% open rate with a click rate of only 1%. I have coached for free and loved it. Yet, I have not gotten any paying clients. I’ve had consult calls. I’ve had far more no-shows. I just launched a 30 day program to respond to my overeaters and women over forty who find themselves suddenly working from home and binging on any and everything because they’re stressed worried, and simply bored. I priced it LOW so just about anyone could join. I launched it 3 days ago. I sent two emails to my list and shared on social platforms so far. Next step is to create FB ad but I’m struggling a bit with coming up with a good lead magnet to get people to see my landing page and video. Anyhow, no one has signed up. I did a model this morning and I know that I have a thought “I’m fooling myself. And yes, that’s a thought but at some point, doesn’t it become true?”. Because it sure feels true. Maybe I need a different niche. Maybe I need to do something totally different. Because right now it feels like this just isn’t working and I’m throwing my money out the window. When do you decide to burn it down and start over?