When does my offer "count" if I’m making offers via email? (the email open, or the sales page viewed?)

Hello, I just watched the “double your business” webinar. I get the “make more offers” and “get more no’s”, it makes perfect sense.

When does it “count” that I made an offer? I recently offered 1 live class, and got 2 people to sign up for it. I have offered a second live class, and no one signed up for it. In both cases I had about 50 people view the sales page (with the price and details on it) and I had about 200 people get the email where I talked about the class and explained what was in it. (roughly a 40% open rate and a 5% click rate) I have since turned these classes into mini courses and am telling people about one of them in my welcome sequence.

Does people “receiving and opening the email” count as making the offer? Or does it only count if they view the sales page with the call to action button? Or does it only count if they click the cart to check out. When do I count it as a no? (the yes’s are much easier to count!)

I suspect that I have the right people – my audience is starting to engage with me, and I’m getting more comments back on my “value ahead of time” valuable lead magnet that it is helping people. But I haven’t dialed in my offer yet.

I have just emailed to ask people who viewed the sales page why they didn’t buy, in a friendly, nice way. So hopefully that will give me some useful information.

When do I count a no as a no? Thanks!