When Imposter Syndrome Thoughts Change

So I have been coaching in some form or fashion for 4 years.
Never really able to figure out what I am good at – how it ties into what I am an expert in – the value I give and creating offers that sell and results to clients.

What this crazy covid drama has done has made me go inward and really figure it out.
Amazingly I feel like I have.

The issue – prior to figuring it out, my impostor syndrome has ALWAYS BEEN:
~I don’t know enough to coach on this
~I cant get transformations
~I am just not good enough
~no one will hire me
~I don’t know what to talk about or how to give value

I understand why I had this—-now.

BUT now that I am moving into a space of getting there………all of a sudden it’s shifted to:
I am really meant for this——except there is no way I will ever find clients, especially not with the current market I have built, maybe they aren’t even online – now where do I start?

What is my brain doing to me here?
c- niche
t – I have finally honed in on who I am here to serve and I am an expert in this area.
f – ecstatic
a – continue to work on the problem I solve
r – no new clients

To me, it’s clearly the action that I am taking or NOT taking.
I know I should be asking and answering the question——“Where do you find these women right now?”

But my mind goes right to, “you just spent 4 years building an audience that are now not a good fit.”
Really you want to start all over?