when people don’t like that you charge for your services

In a Facebook group, someone asked about coaching and lots of people recommended me. They had lots of really great things to say about my work. I thanked them and then put a link to my services so the person who asked the question could see her options.

Then someone else wrote..’what about people who don’t have that kind of money, how do they get help?’ that was the essence of the message, the tone was meaner.

This type of comment really triggers me. I charge the going rate in my industry, but if you don’t have the money then it might seem expensive. I have lots of things that offer great information for free. 10 years worth of blog articles etc.

However this type of comment has been triggering me for years and I now that I am in scholars I would like to work on feeling proud of work and the people I help and not feel guilty or bad about the people that can’t afford me.
The big question how do I do this?