When to make an offer


Hoping for some guidance on how to sell in this scenario. The gym I consult with is doing an 8-week fitness challenge. For $297.00 it will include unlimited workout classes, body comp measurement, and a 30 min nutrition consult with me. This is the first time I’ve participated and that they’ve offered nutrition. I’m not getting paid, owners see it as my opportunity to sell the participants on my packages.

I think members are coming on the calls expecting a consult not to be sold so I’ve thought of it more like a free mini session, help them with one or two things, then follow-up to see how it’s going. I’m wondering if I can get some feedback on the first call I had.

She wanted to start cooking more meals, have more healthy meals at home, but didn’t feel she had enough time or confidence in the kitchen. We talked about planning ahead and bringing awareness to her current thoughts about meal planning and how it makes her overwhelmed.

I gave her a couple tips on how to get started this week with meal planning and asked if she had any questions. At this point, 30min had passed, and she asked if I could give her guidelines on what to eat to get lean during the challenge.

I told her to focus on just getting into the habit of meal planning for now so when she wants to improve the composition of her meals she won’t also be trying to learn how to grocery shop and prep. Then I ended it with, after the next two weeks, once she feels more comfortable meal prepping, I’d be happy to work with her more on how to build meals for her goals.

I’m wondering if I should have explained my packages more at this point or if left it like I did?

I think I struggled because I don’t have a script to transition to selling my package so it was easier to say I would help her later.

How does this sound as a response to her question for more information:

Great question, that’s why I created my 6 week nutrition package, you get guidance with meal planning and prep and I’ll teach you how to build meals in a way that support getting leaner (her words).

I’m a little at loss at this point, if I tell her the price right off the bat or ask her if she has questions??

Thoughts? Thanks!!!