When to make the move?

I’m currently working part time 4 days a week while I launch and build my own health coaching/therapy business on the side. I have been in this situation for about 2 years as I completed my studies, and within the next month I am planning to launch my first online program to bring in clients. I understand that it may take me time to grow my client base and income, and my logical brain tells me to stay in my part time job until I am earning X. However, I also know this end result keeps shifting as my brain freaks out about me leaving the “safety” of a paycheck.

However, I struggle most days in my current job with office politics, which ends up draining me. I also find it a struggle constantly switching my brain from ‘’admin employee’’ to ‘’therapist/entrepreneur’’.

I know having a steady income is sensible at the moment, but there is a time/energy trade-off and I find myself working all the hours. It’s starting to really impact upon my mental health and the relationship with my partner.

If I knew I couldn’t fail I would absolutely LOVE to go all in when I have launched my program and give 100% to growing my own dreams. However, this also feels terrifying putting so much pressure on myself… and what if I fail….? (I do have some savings and I have marketing experience – so I have been planning for this!)

I started to work on some models:

Model 1:
C: Working in part-time job
T: I’ll never get out of here
F: Drained/Exhausted
A: Minimal action on my own business
R: Not meeting my $$ goal to leave

Model 2:
C: Working in part-time job
T: If I go all in on my business, I might fail
F: Terrified
A: Minimal action on my own business
R: Stay in job

Model 3: Intentional
C: Working in part-time job
T: I will succeed in my business/I will make it work
F: Excited/Motivated
A: Resign from my job and work hard on my business
R: Achieve my income goal of $ per month

I’ve just started working on the model, so any insights would be great. I’m feeling very conflicted at the moment. Thank you!