When to Move Beyond 1:1 if Hours are Limited?

I have 6 weekly spots for 1:1 coaching (and I feel good about this decision given our current life situation and my goals right now). My plan was to use the remainder of this year and next year to focus on 1:1 clients, so I closed my online course which wasn’t selling very well and decided that my current group program will be my last. Well, I wasn’t expecting that as soon as I announced that I’d start getting multiple consult requests per day. This is of course terrific and probably a result of committing to one specific offer, but now I’m starting to wonder how the decision to move back to group programs work when my 1:1 practice sells out at such a small number. When the coaches say to fill your 1:1 before moving to group, I know they’re not referring to 6 clients, but I also don’t want to cap my growth OR increase my prices.

I guess my UM is…
C: 2nd consult request of the day
T: Maybe it was a mistake to close my other programs
F: anxious
A: question my decision, stress out over each new consult request, second-guess my decision to limit my coaching hours, think about how I won’t be able to increase my income until I change my offer or go back to my previous one, stress out over messages from people that they need coaching now and can’t wait until my next spot opens, assume every consult will be a yes and make that a problem before they’ve even committed
R: I am insecure in my business and my choices, I make everything that happens a problem.

C: 2nd consult request of the day
T: It’s working
F: confident
A: meet with and enjoy consults, get the most out of my LCS training, spend my time focusing on my family and our move to a new country/adjusting, enjoy my kids and new home, give top notch coaching to my 6 clients
R: I’m confident in and proud of my business, I have my back on my choices and I enjoy my life


C: consult request comes in
T: I don’t know when this will mean I need to open another group
F: confused
A: spin out in confusion, think about calls and how I don’t fit the model, make a future, theoretical problem something that I’m worrying about today
R: I don’t trust myself to know, I’m not in my business as is

C: consult request comes in
T: I’ll know when it’s time to make a change
F: confident
A: focus on my 1:1s and building a wait list, sell my January spots, enjoy my consults
R: My business continues to grow until it’s time for a change.

I guess after seeing these models what I’m still left wondering is… is there a limiting belief I’m missing about my potential for growth or should I just stick to my price and my offer as I’d decided to? I want to own my decision to limit my hours for now and not behave like a victim to it; I feel that this choice comes from a place of growth and I’m proud of it.