Where are clients?

Hi coaches,

I need some help. I recently raised my prices for my coaching, and haven’t had one sale yet. I have been waking up in the morning feeling extremely demotivated. I have run some models on the thoughts creating this:

T: “My engagement is lower than ever”
F: Demotivated
A: Buffer through social media, don’t give my posts the attention I usually do, don’t make creative content, don’t continue to show up every day

T: “I attract people who can’t afford coaching”
F: Frustrated
A: Buffer with social media, don’t find creative ways to find them, say I have done everything, find it unfair that it works for everyone but me, feel like I’m the special case that attracts an unsuitable audience

T: “People are looking elsewhere”
F: Demotivated
A: Buffer with social media, don’t update my website

T: “I don’t know what I’m doing”
F: Confused
A: Buffer with social media, wonder if I should or shouldn’t reach out to clients, doubt myself and my ability to create clients, doubt my credentials, feel like I have no control over my outcome

I am just struggling to see how to create more clients. I show up every day, post helpful content- yet my engagement is at an all-time low. I send out emails to my email list- and it’s basically just to crickets with no responses. I feel confused and demotivated, and try and coach myself through these emotions- but still struggle to believe when the facts are pointing me in one direction.