Where to start with upleveling my work?

My goal is to increase my income, and this is why I decided to join Scholars.

I’m not sure where to start, and for my first month I decided to focus on time management, which has been very helpful so far.

I’ve started thinking, through my models & thought downloads so far, that I am confused as to where I should begin in progressing with my career & taking it to the next level. I thought I would start, as a first step, by outlining my various roles & how I think they could go forward, and where I’m confused. Is this a good way to start?

Without going into detail, I have various ‘hats’ in my job, which is full time and which I love!

–work as a senior psychotherapist
–work as a writer
–work as an editor
–work as a teacher and supervisor in my field

I have thought recently that there are 2 goals I have: the first is to keep progressing & developing in my craft (psychotherapy & writing) and create different avenues that will bring more income: in particular, that would be around my website, offering shorter term work, doing courses on parent support and possibly small groups. I have also been wanting to do a blog. These are all ideas and none of this is happening as I’m consumed by my (very full time!) main jobs.

Second dream goal is to earn a lot more than I do now (I earn about 50,000£ approximately per year) which could happen via the avenues above.

I keep getting stuck about what to do next. For example I have written my first blog post but keep editing it and editing it and there is lots of resistance. But I’m not even sure, I think, whether developing the blog is the next best step. I guess I’m confused, hence bringing it here, to consider where to start.