Which Approach?

So, I realize one thing that feels like it’s getting in my way – in the way of being excited and confident when people are interested in coaching with me – is that I have heard two very different (many different, but two main ones) approaches to the client welcoming / sales process. And I’m feeling torn between them.

One is the Rich Litvin / Prosperous Coach / Powerful Coaching Experience to start approach. I was super happy to find this approach two years ago and had felt good about it. I was able to usher in 6 clients using this approach, where I delivered upfront value by really diving in with clients for 1.5 to 2 hours at the start. This meant going into their vision – getting all the parts and pieces and then starting to coach them on a few of the areas (but mainly coaching through what if all the junk, fear, negative beliefs faded, what would be possible then… getting them to open up vision and express it, which is revolutionary for so many). Then I would take them through a meditation. And then ask if this was something they were interested in doing.

The thing about that approach was that it felt a little unclear to me. I was able to bring on 6 clients this way, and for a while felt really confident that if I could just give someone this rich experience then they would want to come aboard. (This wasn’t always the case, but again it was the only thing that had worked). But something about it kind of stopped me. Part of what contributed to my uncertainty here is the totally different philosophy.

So the second approach, which I’ve heard many say, most convincingly Stacey Boehman, is not to coach on a consult. Not to invite people in for a free session only to suddenly propose a longer coaching relationship at the end. To let clients come to you. To take about an hour. That they don’t need a taster. They need to be in buying mode, in excitement mode.

I hear these very different voices in my head about what the proper protocol is. “You don’t need to give out a taster” (Boehman) v “You can only sell coaching through a powerful experience” (Litvin), “You make your services look less valuable by taking so much time up front” v “Giving clients upfront value and going really deep with them is the way”, “Ask them if they want a powerful experience of coaching and let them know you’ll block out 2 hours” v “Call a spade a spade – it’s a consult. Attract people who are interested in life coaching and know they are going onto a sales call and listen and then tell them how you’re going to help them”

I think my UM is something like this
C – There are different approaches to onboarding clients
T – I don’t know which is right. There is a right one (and a wrong one!) and maybe I’m not doing the right one!
F – Lacking confidence
A – Feel nervous when someone IS interested because I’m not sure which path to take them on, send mixed messages & uncertain vibes, not taking action to attract clients because still not sure of the “correct” process
R – Feel like I’m reinventing the wheel every time I have interest, feeling unprofessional & torn, distracted from serving my client thinking about what’s correct / appropriate

I know that both of these approaches can work. And it really is up to me what I choose to go with. I guess what it comes down to is just making a decision and going with that for a while. But it can be a challenge hearing the other voices coming in.

I guess what I can do is figure out what aspects of each approach feel like they work for me, what elements are working. I think even though I was coaching up front on the first call, I was doing reflecting vision-building coaching, not challenging thoughts, so this kind of coaching is appropriate for the first call and for creating a buying excitement.

C – There are different approaches.
T – These other coaches came up with their approaches through trying things out. It’s my turn to try things out, use what feels best, evaluate as I go, and find a system that feels aligned and effective to me. Nothing has gone wrong. It’s all about presence to the person / situation and releasing worry. No matter how it looks, my intention the client an experience focused on them where they feel heard and cared about.
F – Ready
A – Confidently interface with interested potential clients, be present to them, where they’re at, what they want, what support they really need, if and how I can help
R – Not focused on myself and if I’m right or wrong, Focused on them, which makes them feel awesome and cared for, Help them to make the right decision for them, feel good and aligned myself

Thank you so much for any feedback on these –