Which consistent content?

I am creating an online course and will be taking a beta group through it soon.

I plan to launch the course early 2019.

I realize that I will need to grow my email list and provide a lot of value before then.

I have a website, a blog, and a small audience now (with a lot of know-like-trust because I have an in person private health practice). But I am looking to grow into more of an online coaching business focusing on foodies who want to lose their last 8-10lbs sustainably.

How do I know which content arena will work best for me?

I know my choices are plentiful: podcast (this would be brand new for me), FB Live, blog posts, other social media platforms.

I know whatever I choose, I will have to be insanely consistent.

I also know that I need to be where my ideal clients hang out.

And have something free and valuable to offer them…

But…how do I choose?

Do I try a few and see what I like best – and which one I am most likely to be consistent with?

Thank you for your help!