Who am I marketing to, Gen Z or their parents?

I am crazy about a particular sector of the upcoming generation of bright, thoughtful, and smart-as-hell young adults leaving school and entering the work force. They are mostly twenty somethings, sometimes a little younger or older, Some are called “Milenials” and others Gen “Z”ers. But whatever the label, more and more studies are showing that these digital natives or almost digital natives are thinking in a fresh, independent and entrepreneurial way and wanting to have a real impact on their world. I am a mother, aunt, God-mother and friend to many of these young people. But there’s a problem. Maybe because they have grown up with parents who, through no fault of their own, were unaware of how to guide them in this new age of technology and social media, …but for whatever the reason, I am meeting too many who have hit a speed bump and have gone from gobbling up all the world has to offer to being withdrawn, anxious and depressed. I want to help them, coach them back into their wonderful confident selves so that they can get out into the world and be there for themselves and all of us. I can vote, I can volunteer and write letters and get involved, but I truly believe that the single most valuable thing I can do for the world is to ensure that these remarkable young people are mentally healthy and well and out in the world shaking things up.

I know you’re wondering…is there a question here. Yes. Should I be marketing to the parents who will most likely pay the bills or the young people that I would like to work with? To be clear, I would say 85% of the young adults that I am referring to have had the privilege of good upbringings and a good education. Many of them actively pursue mentors, but are not in a financial place to pay for a coach yet. My instinct says that I need to be marketing to the parents as they are still, in many cases, paying the bills. Any thoughts?