Who to hire to help

I have a massive vision and goals for the next few years. I have a strategy to make it happen and hella tight timelines around milestones such as book releases, programs etc.
I need business guidance and contacts around the nuts and bolts. The trouble is I can’t seem to find someone I gel with to work hard and be positive (not fluffy) just someone who knows what is possible. Because there is so much that is possible.
I have a few options and none of them are a good fit. I know that if I wait I will find the right person but that’s damn difficult when I have a massive workload to achieve within five years. I looked for a life coach for months before I stumbled across Brooke’s podcast and joined Scholars. I have the same mindset as Brooke and everything she says just makes sense. I need a business coach that I can talk strategy with and not someone who says “oh there is no money in life coaching” or tries to sell me sides that I don’t want or need.
Could I have a business coach please who can work alongside me from the ground up and help me find contacts and work my blindside to see what I may be missing because I’m moving so fast.
I have the mindset and work on it daily. I have the self belief and continue to unpack anything that feels sewn in wrong. I am in SCS, working every spare minute I get. I am doing the work.