Whoops! I forgot to put a title to my Webinar question!

Do you use Zoom for your Webinar platform? I have a Zoom account, so it would be beneficial for me to use zoom. Second question: I will be doing my very first Webinar in 2 weeks for my program, should I just stick to one topic, or can you do an overview, say my 6 topics, in one webinar? I realize that you do your Webinars on Overeating or Overdrinking or Feeling Better, etc. I want to promote my program on becoming A Bold New Woman, which is a program for women 50 plus years old that are dealing with adult addict’s and they have put themselves last in life. I have my outline on 6 different topics for 6 weeks in my program, but to do a Webinar, I want to show them that life starts with them. Being 59 years old myself, I understand what it takes to manage my brain and to gain the insight and confidence I need to overcome a challenging adult child. Thanks to you, I have a new perspective in life and I want to teach my clients that they need to come first. I hope that makes sense. I would love your thoughts. Thanks so much!