Why am I constantly checking my email to see if a potential consult emailed me back?

Hi, I received an email last week requesting more information on coaching for a woman and also for her roommate. I emailed back a few hours later suggesting to set up a call to answer her questions for sometime this past weekend. I have yet to hear back from her yet. I find myself checking my email way too much. I did a model on it, but hoping for some notes on that.
C: Email from someone asking about what coaching would look like with me.
T: Why hasn’t she emailed me back
F: Disappointed
A: wasting time checking email, doubt myself, productivity decrease due to buffering
R: loss of productivity

I want to think that she will email me back when she’s ready. I anticipate working with her and it would excite me to work with her, but I need to realize she just emailed me for more information. This is where I’m confused, on how to think differently about the scenario. Thanks for any insight.