Why is your business successful?

I completed a worksheet question in the Your Capacity for Success module in Entrepreneurship Study Vault. I seek coaching on the response I wrote to the question “Why is your business successful?” Thank you.

Yeah, this one bumped me. I don’t believe my business is successful b/c it’s not fully self supporting. It is nowhere near fully self supporting.

My business is not successful because i sent out about 70 LinkedIn invitations and only 3 people responded: one was a yes, one was a no, one was a yes but never followed up. Never responded again. Ugh. I get to this point all the time, I’m in a strategy and it’s not working within one month so i change it. I don’t know if I know what’s it like to be with one specific strategy for several months at a time.

And I’m looking to my past. I see myself doing that and it’s not a good idea. So why is my business unsuccessful now? Easy – it’s not making any money. Is that my only marker of success? I mean, it’s a BUSINESS so yeah, it’s the main marker of success. Yes, I can make a list of all the ways I’ve grown, all the ways in which I’m proud of the efforts I’ve made to make myself Google-able, find-able online. And the business is not successful b/c it ain’t making any money.