WiFi connection and online upscale up cycled clothes markets.

Spectrum is my ISP. They took out my old equipment and put in new in Feb. Because the email was spotty. Now the WiFi only goes a few feet from my computer. I have an 1100 sq foot house and I think won’t even reach to the bed room. It used to extend beyond the house and yard and into the detached garage. I want my old equipment back and they say they have no record of what it was. The new equipment is 5g and 2g. I’ve had them out two other times. Both times they simply brought identical equipment as the wretched staff they put in in Feb. Nothing new last time some how they dropped the connection to the printer and they just said too bad. I don’t have a working printer on the last visit besides the Spectrum wifi we added my old Netgear router too, but that hasn’t improved anything. I’ve spent hours on the phone with them to no avail. I have an iPad, iPhone and Apple desktop. Does anyone there have any clue as to what went wrong and how I can remedy any of it? I need the printer and to use the Amazon app on my phone to scan products I’m selling on Amazon from more than a few feet away. And fast.

Also, I have lots of vintage and ethnic clothes I want to market on line. Any references to best platforms for that or any other scholars working on it or have you made any selling online tutorials? or any general or specific advice?

Also where do I find the talk about the relationship want match?