Will my niche pay?

I have offered free coaching to women in my niche (which is women who have experienced domestic abuse who are OUT of the relationship currently rebuilding their confidence and lives). After coaching them, I know these particular few women would NOT have signed up had been a paying program (their words), even though they go on and on about how much it has helped them (so at least I’ve gotten some really great testimonials!! Haha). I realize there may be women out there who would, but this got me thinking…

I know a big part of selecting a niche is that not only do they want it, but they are willing to pay for it. In this niche, many have been financially controlled and when they get out, they literally are starting over. I know it’s a matter of priorities what they spend their money on, but would you advise not choosing a niche in the first place if you are aware of the lack of funds upfront, EVEN IF you know you are really good at it and have immense value to offer to a suffering group of women?

Thank you!