Will people pay for this?

I started a new done-for-you service business and have already acquired 2 new clients in 2 weeks for a total of $20,000. Yay!! Thank you for helping me with the mindset to go all in!! I’ve been wavering for a while but once I decided I would commit, I instantly got great results. I’m excited but also think this may be fluke…WTF!? My thoughts are …no one else will pay for my services, maybe they can’t afford it, they don’t see the value, they would prefer to do it themselves. My 2 new clients are very successful, 7-figure entrepreneurs so they really didn’t haggle about the price but how many more of “them” are actually available? How many more would want my services? I wasn’t sure who would be my niche with this service but this is who has showed up so far.

I want to get over this scarcity mindset because I can already see it’s holding me back. I’m hesitating and overthinking my marketing and next steps to get more clients. The thought that there are people who want what I offer and are ready to pay is what I came up with but I don’t feel ready for that. What is a bridge thought or other consideration here?