Women and Money and Childcare

After listening to Brooke and other coaches talk about women earning money, I’m inspired to invest in my business. I love what I do, but I need childcare to do it. I’ve found that I feel a lot of stress around this and I don’t remember Brooke talking about it at all. Thoughts come up like: Maybe I just can’t build a business with small children. I need to wait until my kids are older to have a career.

We are currently interviewing for a nanny to watch the kids while I work for the third time since May and I’m feeling defeated. I would like to believe that it’s taking multiple tries so that we find the right person, but in the meantime I’m having to cancel what clients I have when my childcare falls through. And I’m hesitant to bring in new clients when I don’t know if I’ll have childcare next week, which means my business is not experiencing growth. How do I deal with this uncertainty? I want to work and grow my business but feel held down by external circumstances (having children and needing reliable childcare).