Women and Purposeful Wealth – Niche Refinement – cont’d

Niche Refinement. I have successfully worked with hundreds of clients on a variety of results for the last 20 years. I am creative, improvisational, and really good at custom experiences. To test out a niche I could scale (so I don’t just do custom, one of a kind work over and over again…hello burnout!) I did a pilot to test a more specific niche.

I did a 6-month paid pilot test with 6 women who wanted variants of “Purposeful Work.” I had invited women of executive families whose kids were leaving for college to create results for themselves over 6 months of individual/group work. Several took significant action and all are quite pleased (e.g, skills and career training investments, sold side gigs, volunteering to experiment with new types of work, invited to paid roles).

How can I take this pilot experiment and refine it to a niche that I can scale? Here is where they started. One was divorced and had a financial runway to start making money (again, after an extended break from working) but wanted to ensure the new work endeavor was purposeful and meaningful to her.

Another does lucrative part-time work (which helps with college tuition) but wants more purposeful work for her own fulfillment. The third was laid off from corporate and wanted to use this lay-off as an opportunity to create more purposeful work.

Two others have plenty of money and time but want more self-growth and maybe see if they could build a business or do something meaningful with their time. How do I take the above experiment and refine it to a niche I can scale?

Again, their results included a variety of taking action by getting skills and career training, selling side gigs, volunteering to experiment with new types of work, and 2 of 6 were invited to paid roles. If I narrow to “get first 3 paying clients,” some will drop off because they want purpose and not necessarily money.

And I love both money-making purpose AND building purpose and valuable results without needing to make money. Help!