Women + Money call with Brooke (bn) – WHY AM I NOT MAKING MONEY?

I listened to the call and my brain is a swirlin.

If making more money comes from our thoughts and I need to correct and clean up my thoughts but I also need to provide value in my business and produce the thoughts that do that and create money BUT from a place of service not to make money – these feel like conflicting thoughts.

So If I am not creating money in my business I am not creating the thoughts that create value, because the thoughts that create value create money. Right?

Should the question I start answering: How do I create value?
When I answer it now my brain says I am taking action from my ideas – but still no money so is it I am not creating value or not creating the right thoughts.

I clearly feel like I am going in circles.

c – create value
t – I am willing to do what it takes to figure out the value my clients need
f – positive
a – post, workshops, masterclasses, connect
r – no money no clients
since this is my current model—not sure?