Woo Hoo! Business section! Thoughtwork around money issues we cannot control…

In my personal affairs I have to deal with exchange rates for various currencies.

I have noticed I get high anxiety when I do not get the best rate…I have this “I need more” mentality associated with “if only I did the exchange last week”

Similarly soon I will invest a big chunk of money, and I need the right attitude for handling the ups and downs and the risks.

Also, optimizing taxes has been freaking me out.

Advisors have told me it is so difficult to predict the exchange rate- the best thing to do is to take a little out every month and average the rates.

I would like help developing a very practical attitude around investments and exchange rates etc. I would like my attitude to be practical and around what is good enough, rather than striving for the “best deal” etc

I am wondering if my anxiety is coming from a scarcity mindset

I am so looking forward to getting good at growing money without freaking out.