Work time is "me" time

I had the question posed to me during a coaching session last week: What if your work time is your me time?

Honestly, it has blown my mind a bit and I would love additional coaching on my mindset here.

Thought download:
If my work time is my me time. I would plan out my week and stick to my schedule. I wouldn’t over book myself. I plan time in my work hours for coaching, learning, and introspection as well as serving my clients and seeing appointments. I’m only working 3 days a week because that is when I have child care and I have to fill those three days with every client I can serve. That leaves me cramming my hours full of appointment time and scrambling the the other days of the week to squeeze anything that is not a client appointment. I’m squeezing in work in odd hours not sleeping as much as I want to because that is when I can get work done (kids are asleep).

C: What if work time is me time
T: I would run my schedule completely differently
F: Confusion
A: Reject the idea and tell myself I can’t afford to do that right now.
I’ll do that later when my kids are back in school/daycare full time
Over book my schedule
Don’t make time for coaching
Don’t make time for learning and growing as a coach
Resent my kids and my clients
R: I don’t have me time.

C: Coach says: What if work time is your me time?
T: That would serve me and my clients so much better.
F: Open
A: Plan out my week using Monday Hour One.
Look at ways to create space.
Include coaching, reflection, and learning time in my schedule.
Follow my schedule.
Don’t work people in.
Don’t squeeze in consults.
R: My work time is my me time.