Working capital


In one video of the entrepreneur course Brooke makes mention of some working capitals that can be necessary if their is a delay between our spending and our revenues. I am exactly doing this spending about 70€ per day in FB ads mostly for list building and content awareness. But those people subscribing or interacting with my content are not yet buying clients.
First my niche is seasonal and should restart soon..
Also the few paying clients these last weeks were some oldest subscribers… That had time to know and Lear about me, my products…
My question then is more when should we consider we are facing a failure of our business (Liabilities more important than revenue and definitely something is not working) and when should we pursue with our working capital? When the amount of money planed is over? Shouldn’t time also a factor we want to keep an eyes on? Which time-frame to consider then. 🙄

Thanks your answers.