Working on developing marketing material while getting certified.

I just started the Certification program in July 2021 and will enter the entrepreneur track after certification. I have two niches in mind,: 1) athletic underperformance; and/or (2) lawyers who are unhappy or burned out in their current positions as lawyers.

I currently do not have any traditional “marketing” / “sales” / “Google/FB ad” experience. What I want to do is learn the marking/sales skills for developing a $5Million dollar coaching business within three years of getting certified. I want to do as much work as I can on this while I am in the Coaching Certification program because I want to hit the ground running once I am certified.

I started watching the Entrepreneur videos in the Vault. I have also started the Morning Hour 1 program, given time management is a mandatory skill for success. My sort-term goal is to work on developing a niche and the first marketing plan so that I am ready to hit the ground running once I receive my certification.

Given my history of accomplishing what I set my mind to accomplish, regardless of how many doubters are around me, I feel confident I can do this and would like your opinion of my plan and/or suggestions for changes to it.

QUESTION: Do you think this plan is too ambitious? I don’t, but then again, I have no formal marketing/sales experience criteria to measure this by.