Working on my beliefs

So I’ve really been working on my beliefs the past few days instead of taking action. Asking myself why I’m a valuable coach, why my clients want to work with me, and why my offer is so valuable.

I see how valuable it all is put together but I still have this thought in the back of my mind that “I just want to start making money”. I want to replace it with “I want to start helping more people”. But I haven’t been focusing on it.

My husband just texted me and said he “may” be getting laid off work on June 1 because they don’t currently have work. He’s with a union so they help him find a job but he said there’s really nothing there. I’m sure he will get another but he’s also the only one that is making money right now. We have a lot saved up so we are okay that way but I really do want to start making money. I know I’m a good coach, I know what I have to offer is valuable. I’m meeting people, offering them my services, and still am getting nothing.

I want this so badly but can’t seem to move forward and sign clients.

I know the answer is doing my thought work and truly believing in myself but when I start believing a little and I go out there, since my belief isn’t 100% solid when nobody reaches out or says yes, I think okay I’m still doing it wrong. I don’t know what to change or what to do to keep moving forward. I will evaluate what I say and how I say it and sometimes I do think I’m being the best coach for that person but it hasn’t worked so I’m just confused and now if I do need to start making money I really don’t want to look at other options. I want to be a life coach so badly and help others!