Working Smarter and More Efficient.


It is a gift to be here. Your podcast How to Believe New Things gave me the courage to leave a high paying position to pursue working for myself. I am going to be spending some time in the Entrepreneur modules, however I have some burning questions that I know once I ask you will help bring clarity (because I am not confused. I am finding out what I need to know to become even more successful and work smarter and more efficient.) Thank you for taking the time to review and respond to my questions! I am purposely breaking them up.

Question 1: Funnels

During the last business call, Jody mentioned that coaches have these. There are 14 steps. Is there a step by step guide/video/podcast that I am not remembering that covers more on this? Would this kind of material be shared at the VIP level or the in person training (which my sister Erika and I are very interested in as a side note)

Are all funnels the same? Is this the formula or the model that your six and seven figure coaches use for their business?

Question 2: Promotional Strategy

Although I have a background in sales & marketing, I am not familiar with funnels and want to know if this is something I am ready to incorporate into my business at this point, or if it makes more sense at a later date, under a different business model. Currently, I am in my second year of working for myself and was fortunate to move back home with my family temporarily to pursue fulfillment versus the miserable paper pushing roles I continued to chase. I teach Yoga & Meditation to mostly businesses (because that was my background and it’s more financially smart to work in this sector versus running around teaching at studios) I am slowly weaning away from studios and have a goal to move beyond that by this Spring. While I still teach weekly classes (to pay my bills and because I am so happy to do it!) I created a one hour Mindfulness Training and am charging more money for this offering and have begun to promote it to my existing client base as well as contacts on LinkedIn.

I just don’t want to overlook anything else that might be helpful in expanding? Or, should I just keep going with my plan of weekly reach outs that I am doing?

Question 3: Goal Setting

I gave myself “the impossible goal” of securing 15 new one hour trainings this quarter. At this point, should I have a goal since it’s new and exploratory OR does not having a goal like this get me off the hook from feeling disappointment if/when I do not meet it.

Much love and gratitude!