Working together

Hi so my husband lost his job, and while he’s looking for a job, he’s 57 and having a tough time finding something.

So he’s been trying to help with my business (which also was hit from covid) . The thing is I feel resentful and annoyed when I see him doing other things and I’m not sure how the heck he thinks we are going to pull off doubling my business in this economy with the travel industry hit which is what I do?

And I try to say what are you working on but he gets defensive. I feel like unless we really narrow down what he’s doing to help with this it’s useless.

But I can’t seem to get my act together like the owner of this business should and say ok here’s what you need to do and here’s what I’m doing and if we don’t Make xxx money by 6 months this isn’t working. Then I feel like he has to get some type of job no matter what it is even if it’s not a corporate job. I’m starting to feel anger and I’m beyond frustrated. What could help? I wake up with dread instead of excitement about my day.