Workshop drama

I have some drama coming up about a workshop I’m hosting this week. I’ve been in a low these past couple days- I’ve gotten no’s from two consults, I’m feeling down about the self isolation situation and not knowing when it’s going to end, and I’ve been wondering if I should even keep doing my business with my all of my kids at home. All I’m all, I’m not feeling super jazzed about this workshop and wonder if I should postpone it. It’s about being truly happy- and I feel kind of like a fake. I just feel so done with everything right now, that how can I teach others how to be this? Also I wanted to put so much into it but since I’ve been feeling like crap, I haven’t. Do I just do it anyway, at C minus level? I guess I don’t want to postpone it. But how do I get to the place where I want to do it, I believe in this and I want to sell it to my clients?