Would love your advice on Freebie idea…

I currently have a freebie that’s a 9 step guide to thriving with PCOS. I realize after listening to many business calls that “thriving” isn’t a great selling point. So I want to change my freebie to Losing weight with PCOS and gear my marketing towards that.

I was thinking of doing a freebie with a 3 step weight loss guide that includes:
step 1: Get off flour and sugar
step 2: Increase your fat intake (avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, nuts, etc)
step 2: after being off of flour and sugar for one month, begin IF…and explain how to begin.

I am thinking about a freebie that offers a lot of value, and I know if I had read this 2 years ago it would have been very insightful to me. My only concern is…is it too deep for a freebie, meaning are they going to see quick enough results? My other concern is it only shows a part of what I teach (nutrition) not the thought work.

I’d love to get your advice. Do you think this is a good freebie offer, or do you think I should keep it simpler?

Thanks so much!!