Wrong niche?

I am an MD specialized in plant-based nutrition. Health is my thing πŸ™‚ I see patients all week and want to expand my plant-based nutrition field, as in making online courses in French (I am in Switzerland, plant based nutrition info in french is extremely lacking), so as to bring passive income, and not doing one on one coaching anymore.

The problem is, when we asked our subscribers about what they wanted from me, they mostly said cooking… a good part also said reassurance about plant-based health, but mostly they said recipes and… I like cooking and giving specific tips about how to store and save food or tricks in the kitchen, but this is not my thing. And a lot of people are already doing the recipe thing in French.

Anyway, I have about a thousand subscribers and I feel like I am not delivering what they want really… And I don’t want to… any idea on how to deal with that?

Thanks a lot