YAY for me and Scholars

Some success.
I had done a model for earning $30 K in April.
I had totally forgot about it. I remember being a little stressed but thinking heck… let’s go for it.
I happened to go back in my journal and found it.
Turning the corner on April to May… I earned $50 K
This model sh*t really works.

Thank you coaches.
Covid really is a C.

Now I want to do something super impossible.

There are two models running.

C= $100 K in May
T1 – I don’t know if I can do this.
T2- holy sh*t
F1 – scared
F2 – excited
A1 – Curl up a little inside, peaking out
A2 – Monday hour one, have my launches ready, deliver, results ahead of time. Stay on purpose
R1 – The $100 K is not a definite thing
R2 – the 100 K is a definite thing.

But If I get more intentional.

C- $100 K in May
T – I have all the pieces and actions
F – clarity
A – do the tasks, make mistakes, make offers, lead great trainings.
R – $100 K lands in my bank on or before May 31.