yoga biz take back and organization

hi there so I run a yoga teacher training program. I used to get everyone to say yes now, my calls are not turning into enrollments. I have only 1 person in my program we are supposed to start in January with 20-30 not sure how to achieve this. I have wanted to make videos about doing videos for my tt prep calls I have a few but I feel like the message is disjointed.. and I don’t know where they are on the computer. The info lacks consistency and organization.
its time for me to take my biz under my own understanding and direction.

I just watched all 4 of brookes into to her coaching program its brilliant in so many ways

Are these videos hosted on her website ? like, is that where they live? and they are hidden when not active and live when live? If I wanted to send an email with three videos where could that live
I looked into kajabi what does brooke use?
I have different videos filmed but they are hosted all over the place,
you tube drop box zip drive
google drive

any ideas on where to I start to get to my goal of organized digital teacher training materials and 30 happy students enrolled?