Yoga classes @ jail on hold.

All programs @ SB County jail on hold since March, this includes the yoga program. The program director informed us that they will not be renewing our contract for yoga services next year, but we will be invited back in as volunteers. Our board met last week & one of our board members who works at the jail as a drug and alcohol counselor said she would try & implement yoga while facility is on lock down. Several staff have tested positive for Covid as well as two inmates recently. SBCJ is not set up to do virtual or distant programming at this point. Thank you for your help with this model.

C: Maria Antiona, the D&A counselor provided D-Barracks ML’s Yoga DVD. She implemented yoga twice a week for that unit.
T: Instead of feeling incredibly grateful, I feel bummed that she did not provide the unit with the other yoga DVDs Mera and myself teaching.
F: discouraged
A: inaction, ruminate
R: ?
What am I making it mean? She doesn’t think I am a good instructor. I am selfish as I am not even thinking that she did not provide Mera’s DVD either.

I want to feel appreciative that she is willing to implement yoga via DVD in the only housing unit in the jail that is not being quarantined. She told me that she believes in yoga & despite the program director’s inability or unwillingness to do it, she is. Wow! That is a really supportive thing to do for the inmates. I think that she is courageous in her willingness to implement something that Deirdre was willing to do. I am really grateful. She has the two other DVDs to provide should the inmates request it or the correctional officers. I care about the well-being of our clients and I am willing to trust that she knew what she was doing when she provided them with ML’s yoga DVD. I don’t need to make it mean anything about myself as a teacher.

I want to feel trust

C: MAD provided D-Barracks ML’s Yoga DVD. She implemented yoga twice a week for that unit.
T: I am most appreciative of Maria taking the time to talk to the officers and coordinate yoga for the males twice a week.
F: appreciative
A: Express my appreciation. Wait to see whether it is successful. Be willing to provide more yoga DVDs of Mike and/or offer ones of myself and other instructors. Continue to record our virtual yoga DVDs or decide that we already have enough recordings and just use existing ones. Let go. Talk to foundations about funding for virtual yoga in sober living residential programs in SB.
R: Yoga classes implemented