yoga studio discouragement and my impossible goal

I feel like I’m floundering in my biz….. I’m feeling not motivated and I feel unsuccessful. My impossible goal is to make 250 or 200 profit, this year but I’m making no profit at all, how can I change this? I have to change my thoughts if I want to make 250 k profit…..

C not making money and losing money in my 23 year biz
T should I dive in or close? not sure I can or want to fix this.
F sad discouraged confused
A make to do lists and don’t complete
R continue to lose money and have no income

intentional model
C not making money, losing money in my 23 year biz
T I will go all in and do all of the things for 3 months till march and make it great and sell
F resolved
A start doing the fail list
R make 250 k

I keep looping in thinking that I can’t make money, its all wrong, I’m losing money by keep paying expenses which exceed what’s coming in month after month. But then I think if I start over and sell the studio, then I don’t even have a base…. or my 23 year launch pad which I have built.
I say I will go all in, because I want a different result. I feel unengaged, and I just want to focus on other things to avoid my feeling and belief of failing my studio. I do models but I just end up feeling the same, and making no money. Then see I lost money for the week panic all over again.
Im uncomfortable and want to avoid this. I want this lack of income and profitibility situation to disappear. Me writing this I see a toddler running around with a knife but I thought it would help to just lay it out there truthfully. I have said the intentional thoughts but, I don’t yet believe the intentional ones yet, every day I prove it to myself again.

I am fearful that I can’t support myself and my son.

Can you help me see how to get out of the looping spiral. what is a good next step or action…. or thought I can try….?