Zero results in 2021

So far in 2021 I’ve had zero results. Zero consults and zero clients.

I show up on social media mainly and make offers generally on every post I make. I’ve made two offers directly to people who reach out to me, both didn’t want a consult.

In Facebook groups I will make offers to people on posts who ask for help. So I’ll give advice/tips on whatever they’re asking and then tell them I can help and to reach out to me to set something up. So far nobody has taken me up on my offer from that.

I just started going to virtual networking events last week and so far none of the people there are my ideal clients which is okay because I’m also the president of a non profit animal rescue and we’re looking for foster homes so I add that in. I also don’t mind because I can build my belief in myself as who I am and practice what I want to say as a life coach.

My target audience is women in business that want to master their productivity. I JUST decided on this niche last week (thanks to my private scholar session).

A thought I have is “I really want to make money” and “I really want to help people because I know what I’ve got is amazing and I’m genuinely 100% in for my clients, not just to make money” but not making any money makes me want to make money.

I’m trying to come up with a few places my ideal client hangs out but a huge part of me always thinks “my ideal client wouldn’t be hanging out in a Facebook group”. So I’m trying these virtual networking events I’ve been to two and have three more scheduled this week.

I’m really good at connecting with people and people generally like working with me so since I’ve been doing this for close to a year now with one client making $1,000, I don’t understand where I’m going “wrong” here. I try and tell myself that this is my process and that nothing is going wrong. But then again I’m like well I’m doing this to make money and help people and I’m just helping one person right now.

I’ve been able to build a six-figure business before doing this exact attraction marketing/relationship building but when covid happened right when I started my coaching business and I couldn’t go to in person networking events that really put me in a lump of “where on earth would my ideal client hang out online?” “HOW can I show up for them and reach them?”

I’d love to know what thoughts I have that are really holding me back here so I can start meeting my ideal client and building my business.