100 Jobs

Hello! I would love some help on applying for 100 jobs by the end of September. I’ve had some great coaching calls around it. First to set the goal for myself and second to talk about my judgement around myself about jobs. I want to apply for 100 jobs because I want to have job options and it will lead me to be creative. I also realized I would be very proud of myself if I accomplished that goal along with relief and excitement. I realize that I can feel those feelings now. I can be proud of myself and feel relief. I say relief because then I will have done something productive and if people ask what I’ve been up to, I can say I applied for 100 jobs. I also realize I don’t have to apply for jobs if I don’t want to, but I feel like that comes from a place of fear. Such as I would rather stay in our apartment than get a job right now. Could I get some help on where to go next? I feel like I should be applying for 100 jobs but then that feels like it’s coming from a negative place. But I also want to have my own back and say what I’m going to do. Thank you!