1st Month Diamond Scholar and App

Hey Brooke,

I participated in my 1st Diamond call; it was Amazing. You spent the call speaking with one woman and it was everything I needed!!! I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the call, I went and laid in my bed. I planned to take a nap but set my phone timer for five minutes and every time it went off I asked myself the question to gave to the Diamond, “What if it was true, that ….”. It was amazing, the first time the timer went off I found myself fighting not to answer the question, but 20 minutes and four timers later I was saying, “Yeah, what if it was true and then asked myself, how would I feel?” I started to get happy. I think I will do this exercise again tomorrow, and keep doing it until I am telling myself it is true all day. Thank you for taking the time with the March Diamond. I will watch that over and over again. I want to get that in my spirit and my soul.

Also, I downloaded the App – WOW, Thank you!!! Now, I can spend more time with the lessons, using my phone. The developer did a Great job.