2019 Impossible Goal

Last December, I did not take your advice and decided I wanted to both lose weight and write a book. Halfway through I realized why you advised finishing one goal completely before starting another (No regrets, though. I usually choose to learn the hard way, and realizing you were right about this has made me listen on other stuff).

So, I have lost more than half of my weight. 20 pounds to go. I think I can lose that in 2 months. I definitely don’t think it will take a whole year. I also am not excited by it. I will do it, I want to do it. I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished and so grateful for the skills I have learned. But I am eager for a new challenge because I think it will be fun. Writing a book really scares me too, but I feel more confident that I can do it with the skills I have. I do think it’s impossible, but I am also invigorated by it.

In your recent podcast, you talk about giving yourself plenty of time to think big so that you think on a strategic and not a tactical level. In an effort to not repeat the same mistake from last year, I made my goal weight the impossible goal.

C: Full year to lose 20 pounds
T: I want to move on, I have more important things to do now! I want to do it fast.
F: restrained, held-back
A: stop eating on protocol, following through, put focus on other stuff
R: I move on without completing the goal

I know you said that if you are in a rush it’s because you think that it will be better in that place. I think that I feel so unmotivated because I do not think that weight loss in 2019 is a truly neutral circumstance. It’s in the right place in the model, but in my mind, I’m trying to have good thoughts about something I think is negative.

I WANT to spend the first quarter of 2019 finishing weight loss completely, reaching that 110 pound goal (I think that is actually a little bit low. I’m 5’3″ but fluctuate a lot hormonally, so I might gain some of it back, we’ll see). I want to spend the last 3 quarters writing a book. Should I stick with the 2019 impossible goal of weight loss only and keep working on my mind?