2019 Impossible Goal

My 2019 Impossible Goal is basically the same as last year. Last years goal was to write and publish my first book. Started strong but petered out quickly. 6 months of pneumonia and still crappy health is no excuse but it seems to be my fallback to walking away from not only my impossible dream but many other activities. I know its my thoughts that caused the lack of actions towards finishing my book. This years impossible goal is to be a best selling author in the area of midlife marriage books. It’s a new niche that I enjoy more than than just a midlife book so I am thinking that I will enjoy writing this book a lot. I’m scared already that I will not be able to do this already. Its a feeling of failing ahead of time. I try and change my thoughts to I can do this but my past is reminding me that I am terrible at finishing things. I am a great starter but want to learn how to finish well. Help!!