2019 Impossible Goal

Hi Brooke-
I’ve been in scholars since the beginning (Jan 2017). I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished some big goals during this time. Lost the 30lbs since a hypothyroid diagnosis and, more importantly, learned how to feel life (2017). This year I earned a big job promotion in June (my impossible goal) and paid off my house. It has been my goal to pay off my house by the time I was 50… paid it off at 46 and had the resources to do it by 43 but chose to invest in something first so now I have the investment and the deed to my house!

I’ve been thinking about my 2019 impossible goal. I can think of what feels like smaller ones (more weight / new fitness goal, starting a hobby in something I have no experience in etc) but not a big meaty one as my next big goal is retirement by 51 when my oldest graduates college and my youngest starts college (I’ve already saved for both tuitions). Should I pick a ‘smaller one’ for 2019 or work towards the retirement one now? I’m a big goal setter already so will do work on both so I reach them, but not sure which to do the 2019 work on? I’m so used to setting relatively big goals each year it feels weird not to have one ready to go.