$250K in 5.5 weeks

This is a follow-up to my $250K in 5.5 weeks question earlier…

I am working on reaching my $500K goal for the year (which is part of a goal I set last year to create $2/million a year, within 3 years). I have $250K to go.

Thank you so much for your last response! You wrote:

“You’ve done good work here.
This is the most important thing: “That is just a thought.”
What you choose, on purpose, to think and believe are the only things that create your results. Ever.
Cognitive dissonance – the thoughts and feelings that come up because you’re currently not in full belief – is not an obstacle unless you make those thoughts and feelings a problem.
When you can see that the space between one belief and the next belief is the space in which the steps toward that new belief happen, then there’s no where to need to go but forward. Looks like you are getting this, mama.”

I have been doing all the thought downloads, emptying out those thoughts so I can see what’s in there and what I am making a problem:

Here is a core theme:
I have NO idea how I will do this.

Which I follow with:
If I did know how I would do this, I would….

And then I list a whole bunch of actions I would take.

Which then brings up the thought,

Then clearly, I am choosing not to make this money because I don’t want to do all those things.

So, I am believing the thought it is going to be so hard, complicated, stressful to do this, and
Can’t I just enjoy what I’ve created so far and not force and make myself miserable.

When I write that I can see that miserable is a choice, whether I take those actions or not, enjoying what I’ve created is a choice.

This then brings up an opportunity – which I think is one of THE BIG opportunities for me in not only my business growth but in my personal growth:

Can I create something EVEN BIGGER by thinking even bigger without more action? Which is going to require that I let go of the thought that I’m going to have to work so much harder to create 2x of what I’ve created so far.

I have heard Brooke and so many other coaches say, “What gets you to your first $100K will not be what gets you to multiple 6 figures or 7 figures.”

I think this is where I am. I did not think I hustled to get to 100K or 200K – but maybe I was if I just don’t feel like I can 2x the action I took to create that?

As I write that, I am also seeing that I still really think that it was the action that created the money I did make this year.

But it was a thought(s).

One of the thoughts was, “I am doing this, there is no way I am not doing this.”

And then I put my head down and focused on one person, one task at a time.

And now I am thinking I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to rest. Maybe I was not managing my mind as well as I thought along the way if I feel so resistant to repeating that, if I feel this big inner NO!

But maybe I can keep the thought and the power that came from:

“There is no way I am not doing this.”

But let the how be different…

When I coach myself on allowing the how to be different, I come up with:

how can I let this be easy, fun, simple?

Only taking clients that are my DREAM ideal client who are so excited to work with me, they cannot way to get started, ask how soon they can pay and start, pay in full and do so to hold their place even when they are on a waitlist. I have had a few of these, especially towards the end of this year. Now I want my private practice to be ONLY these.

I have plenty of white space for my own creative process and to dig really deep into better solving/coaching the challenges that all the people I’ve worked with so far have illuminated for me are these great challenge/opportunities. Plenty of really deep, thorough coaching on what I can do to be the BEST person at creating materials, thoughts, processes to help them make truly amazing changes in their lives.

And then the thought comes up that believing it can be this way is fantasy land and is just a symptom of my resistance manifesting…

I would love coaching on this! Thank you so much! xoxo