50/50 R -lp

Hi coaches,

I understand that life is 50/50, half positive and half negative. What I am finding is that for positive results, there’s a negative to them, too. It just depends on how I’m looking at and thinking about it. Like I could decide to go to coach training and take out a loan to pay for it. My result would be I go to coach training which I REALLY want to do, but wouldn’t debt be a negative consequence? But if I decide I’m okay with debt to do this, then it’s not a negative consequence. I hope my question is making sense. How do we determine if our results don’t have negative consequences? I think there can be consequences we’re not aware of, too. Right? Like driving a car creates pollution which could be called a negative. Getting married means removing options of other partners. There can be lots of different results to one thought, can’t there?